PhD vacancies at Institute of Physics Zagreb


There is an open PhD position at the Institute of Physics Zagreb. Deadline: 17.8.2020. The topic of the doctorate is to develop advanced techniques in digital holography.

This includes the use of the specially designed laser in holographic setup for greater efficiency and resolution. A special beam preparation would consist of imprinting an orbital angular momentum (OAM) into a light beam of interest, and/or spatial beam shaping, use of single photons, a first photon, and quantum coupled photons. The work will include development of fast numerical methods for real-time image reconstruction of objects from recorded holograms using parallel data processing and use of graphics processing units.
One of the results of the candidate’s work should be a developed holographic microscope with real-time image display. Another possible result of the research would be based on OAM holography, i. e. the use of beams with defined OAM in order to increase the contrast when imaging an individual object. In doing so, we would first focus on methods for efficiently generating and detecting OAM photons using a light modulator and CGH masks developed at the Institute.
Most of the activities will take place within the NATO project Science for Peace and Security, entitled “Biological and Bioinspired Structures for Multispectral Surveilance”
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