Our participation at Scientific Meeting


Mario Rakić participated at 27th International Scientific Meeting on Vacuum Science and Technique which took place in Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia.

Mario participated with poster presentation: With this experiment we are trying to achieve a demonstration of technical feasibility of a novel multispectral imaging camera. Insect (butterfly) wings are used for sensing. Later we will use artificial structure based on insect wings design. Thermally induced perturbations are amplified by the interaction with surrounding gas and detected by sensitive holographic techniques. Wings absorb some portion of light, which results in slightly higher temperature on the irradiated side in compare with opposite (cooler) side. This difference creates a mechanical pressure acting on one side. Even, this force is very small, this effect can be detected by holography. Experimental setup is configured as a Twyman – Green interferometer for digital holographic microscope with He-Ne laser as a laser source. For heating (excitation), additional laser beam was focused on the surface of the wing and holograms were recorded. Thermal response could be reconstructed afterwards from the recorded hologram. In future beside using artificial materials we hope to have a real time reconstruction. There is a good potential for practical use of this device in future.